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Saturday, May 9, 2020

The Dos of Online Teaching- Tips by Menachem Moscovitz

Right now teachers are working hard to keep studies on during the coronavirus lockdown, how can teachers make the most of online teaching experience with your class? There are many teachers who are already learning – can they offer insights? Virtual school lessons are delivered in line with each person’s personalized curriculum.

Menachem Moscovitz

Menachem Moscovitz has years of experience in teaching and shares his expert tips on online learning. Teachers can take help from the below-shared tips to know how they can make teaching sufficient during the lockdown.

Dos of Online Teaching

  • Collect email addresses and contact numbers of all the students’ parents and create a group to discuss online classes.
  • Prepare yourself before going live aka doing the online class. It is best to rehearse offline before your actual class.
  • Check all the necessary equipment and services, like your internet connection, laptop, and its battery, is camera working, etc. before your session.
  • Be ready with the assignments that you want to share after your online class session, such as a list of questions related to the specific topic.
  • You may also ask one or two students to be volunteers and help you out in passing important information about the online session to other students in the group or of class if required. It will reduce your workload; you would not have to inform each and every student. This may be beneficial in conveying last-minute changes if any you want.
  • Give your students every instruction required so that your online class runs smoothly and is fruitful.
  • During online sessions during a lockdown, give proper breaks so that the students will have the time to think about the topic and not feel bound and frame their questions as doubts.
  • It is better to keep your class short or as a series of short sessions; this depends on various factors, like the topic, student’s participation, and the teaching plan.
  • You may ask a few open-ended questions related to the said topic during the online session to make students more responsive.
  • Encourage students not only to ask their queries or doubts related to the topic but also to answer questions asked by their peers. You may set up an online discussion forum for this to work out.
  • Post assignments just after your online session and announce the details in your session.
  • Do not forget to take feedback from the students. It will really help you learn their point of view about the session.
Menachem Moscovitz
Conclusion: During your online class/session, you may request students to wash their hands properly at regular intervals to spread awareness. Students should know that it is important for them to attend these classes in order to stay ahead and keep up with their syllabus. As a teacher, you can make them understand this by motivating them from time to time.