Friday, January 24, 2020

6 Ways to Help Students Prepare for Exams

For students, the exam can be stressful and can cause anxiety. And for teachers, it can be a sort of balancing act. Not only teachers have a limited time for lectures but, they have the pressure of delivering good results as well.
Menachem Moscovitz

Menachem Moscovitz shares that as a teacher it's your responsibility to prep students before exams, you need to be proactive. Because, how you teach will affect a student's performance and results as well. In the end, only a teacher is blamed for a student's bad result.

6 Ways You Can Help Students Prep for Exams
  • Surprise Tests
When exam time is near you can start the preparation by holding quizzes, surprise tests, etc. Regular surprise tests make students active forcing them to study regularly to perform better at these tests. Menachem Moscovitz believes that holding surprise tests and quizzes can act as a great source of inspiration for students to do a home study.
  • Share Study Ideas
Teachers know different study ideas or techniques which can deliver amazing results and make learning easy. Talk with students about different ways they can adopt for studying/learning. You can also encourage students to find their study methods. 
Menachem Moscovitz
  • Narrow Down the Topics
How much you narrow down the topics will depend on the course, but it will help students to get a more clear view of what is important and what can they study later.
  • Share What Could be on the Exam
For younger students, you can create a list of every topic that they need to study. Menachem Moscovitz shares that the reason behind is that a list can give students something to check off. This way they can be more confident and can utilize their time.
  • Make Students Write Quizzes for Each Other
This activity can help students the most according to Menachem Moscovitz. When students write their quiz questions, they are learning about a topic and second they engage more deeply with the material. 
Menachem Moscovitz

You can make a team of 3 to 4 students and ask them to write a 5 to 10 questions quiz, then have them exchange with another team and take each other's quiz.
Through this activity students can learn;
  • How to communicate better
  • Healthy competition
  • In-depth knowledge on a topic
  • It will motivate students to do better next time
  • Give Students Practice Exams
Menachem Moscovitz says that the practice exam is a genius way to promote learning among students. Through a practical exam, students can learn a lot about a topic and can get tips on what can be on the exam. These exams give students clarity. You can also hold a surprise in practical exams.
Menachem Moscovitz

Following are some of the benefits of holding practical exams:
  • It develops a student learning and memory ability
  • Increases knowledge
  • A student can learn about his/her level of performance and knowledge
  • Create a sense of healthy competition
  • The occurrence of practical exams prepares the student for final exams
  • These examinations also measure teacher's skills and flaws as well
  • Bottom Line
As a teacher, you must incorporate activities that enable students to perform better in examinations. Try to find different and creative ways to enhance your student's efficiency. 
Menachem Moscovitz

Whether you want to improve your teaching skills or personality skills, Mr. Menachem Moscovitz can help you in every phase of your life.

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Wednesday, January 15, 2020

Menachem Moscovitz: Tips for Teachers To Manage Stress

According to research, about 72 % of teachers or education professionals describe themselves as stressed. Menachem Moscovitz blames stress for some teachers’ lack of attention or sudden outburst. It is significant to know that you are suffering from stress only then you can find a solution.

Menachem Moscovitz

Following are signs and symptoms of too-much stress;
  • Frequent headaches
  • Chronic pain
  • Decreased levels of energy and insomnia
  • Digestive issues
  • Sudden appetite change
A teacher cannot afford to be emotional he or she has to find a practical solution to problems. Menachem Moscovitz suggests trying the following practical techniques for teachers on how to handle stress.
Menachem Moscovitz
  • Identify Stress Situation
Whenever you feel stressed or emotionally drain find out what caused it, with one or two ways to reduce it as well. When they occur, use them as an opportunity to practice your stress-reduction technique.
  • Make a list of priorities
Sit down and make a list of what is important and needs to be done as soon as possible. When you are aware of what is a priority life becomes somehow easier which results in a calm attitude.
  • Slow Down
You do not need to be as fast as a rabbit all the time. By slowing your movements can result in a graceful pace, your mind will also slow down- becoming less distracted that will enable you to respond to your students in a better way.
Menachem Moscovitz
  • Express your feelings
Do not hold anger inside you let it out and express your feelings to the person who is responsible for your agitation. At the end of the day, it does not matter at all. Let go of grudges- they can affect your state of mind and cause more stress. Once you start expressing your true self you would find that it is an easier way to let go.
  • Move On
Feeling of guilt cannot change the past and they make the present difficult by reducing your teacher. Thinking about the past is not only very stressful but not good for your mental health. Make a conscious effort to change the mood. If you want to be an inspiration for your students you have to change this habit of yours. 
Menachem Moscovitz
  • Find Happiness In Your Work
Try to find happiness in your work that will make your stress level low in a surprising way. Students love teachers who attend class with a happy and positive attitude. Figure out ways to be more involved in your job and focus your attention on your class.

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Thursday, January 2, 2020

Menachem Moscovitz: How To Treat Students With Dyslexia?

Menachem Moscovitz says that each child starts learning and reading at their own pace. It is common for kids to find learning and reading a bit of a challenge at some point. But if leaning becomes a constant struggle that leaves a child struggling there is a possibility that he or she is suffering from Dyslexia disorder.
Menachem Moscovitz

What is Dyslexia?

The formal definition of dyslexia is a specific learning disability that is neurological in origin. It is characterized by difficulties with accurate and/or fluent word recognition and by poor spelling and decoding abilities.

These difficulties typically result from a deficit in the phonological component of language that is often unexpected about other cognitive abilities and the provision of effective classroom instruction.
  • Secondary consequences may include problems in reading comprehension and reduced reading experience that can impede the growth of vocabulary and background knowledge.
Signs of Dyslexia Before school
  • A problem in learning new words
  • Delay at the beginning of talking
  • A problem in forming words correctly, such as reversing in words or confusing words that sound alike
  • A problem in remembering or naming letters, colors, and numbers
  • Finding it difficult to learn nursery rhymes or playing rhyming games
Menachem Moscovitz
  • Reading level below the expected level for a specific age
  • A problem in processing and understanding what a kid hears
  • Difficulty finding the right word or forming answers to questions
  • Problems remembering the sequence of things
  • Difficulty seeing (and occasionally hearing) similarities and differences in letters and words
  • Inability to sound out the pronunciation of an unfamiliar word
  • Difficulty spelling
  • Spending an unusually long time completing tasks that involve reading or writing
  • Avoiding activities that involve reading
How To Treat Kids With Dyslexia?

A teacher has a lot of responsibilities, a teacher shapes or breaks a child’s future. As a teacher you should be well aware of what is dyslexia and how can you teach a kid suffering from it.

Menachem Moscovitz

A teacher is always looking for ways to improve their teaching methods and help their students be better. The following suggestions are necessary for you to follow if you want to help students going through dyslexia.
  • Do not use the word ‘lazy’: This does not apply to students suffering from dyslexia but on everyone. When a teacher calls a student lazy it creates a negative impact on his/her mind making him/her doubt their abilities. Avoid using the word ‘lazy’ under any circumstance.
  • Less written work: Menachem Moscovitz shares that students with dyslexia can be verbally bright. But when it comes to putting ideas into writing it can be tough. Allow more time for reading, listening, and understanding.
  • Don’t ask them to copy from the board: A teacher needs to understand that it is hard for students with dyslexia to write fast. Never ask or put pressure on a kid to note down everything written on the board.
  • Read aloud: Students are more likely to misread, misspell the words causing embarrassment. Teachers should avoid reading options for students with dyslexia.
  • Don’t give punishment: It is silly on teachers' part to give punishment to students who forget to carry books. Punishments only create fear no good can come from it. Menachem Moscovitz shares that teachers should understand the negative impact of punishments and avoid it as much as they can.
Menachem Moscovitz

Whether you want to improve your teaching skills or personality skills, Mr. Menachem Moscovitz can help you in every phase of your life.
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Friday, December 27, 2019

Menachem Moscovitz: Strategies for Teachers to Develop Positive Relationships With Students

From childhood to adulthood there are some relationships that we cherish and remember all our life. The teacher-student relationship is one of them,

A good teacher is able to maximize the learning potential of each student in their class. A teacher must know that the key to unlocking true potential is by developing positive, respectful relationships with their students from the beginning of the school year.
Menachem Moscovitz

Building a trusting relationship with your students can be challenging and time-consuming. Great teachers will tell you that solid relationships with your students are paramount in fostering academic success. Students are the future of this world and if we want our future to be bright and civic, we need to understand the value of good teaching and discipline.

Some teachers are naturals at building good relationships with their students but for others its a tough ride.
  • Teach with enthusiasm and passion
When a teacher is passionate about the content or topic she is teaching students will respond positively and in the same manner. Students will get excited as the teacher, thus translating to increased learning. If you will show excitement in the classroom students would also respond in the same manner.
Menachem Moscovitz
  • Display a positive attitude
Everyone goes through personal issues that can be difficult to handle. It is necessary to understand that your personal issues do not interfere with your ability to teach. Teachers should approach their class with a positive attitude. If the teacher is positive, the students will be positive. Students will in time resent a teacher who is always negative.
  • Friendly nature
For a good teacher, it is significant to have a friendly nature. So that students can reach you in stress. Displaying a friendly nature you are making students comfortable in your presence making them feel secure and wanted and heard.
  • Incorporate Humor into Lessons
Learning should never be boring Menachem Moscovitz shares that for a teacher it is very important to create an environment of ease and comfort among students. Teachers should try to incorporate humor while teaching, humor comes in several forms. You can wear a funny costume or make fun of yourself after making a silly mistake.
Menachem Moscovitz
  • Make Learning a Fun Ride
According to Menachem Moscovitz, learning should be fun and should make an impact on kids thinking. No student would be able to enjoy learning, no one likes a class where note-taking is the norm. As a teacher, you should try to incorporate fun in activities through which students can learn.
  • Treat Students With Respect
Respect is a two-way street how you expect students to respect you when all you do is shout and be rude with them. Your students will never respect you if you don’t give them respect. Never yell, use negative sarcasm, single out a child or try to embarrass someone in front of the whole class. This kind of treatment would only make students have hatred feeling towards you.
Menachem Moscovitz

Teachers must treat every student equally and with genuine respect. Menachem Moscovitz says that it is also important that a teacher is fair in his or her teaching method.
  • Go The Extra Mile
Some students desire teachers to go the extra mile to ensure that they are successful. If your students want you can give tuitions or take extra classes. Going the extra mile may mean helping a student financially or continuing to work with a student even after he or she is no longer a part of your class.Having years of experience in the teaching domain, Menachem Moscovitz has been infusing innovative ideas to teach students. One can take his affordable teaching services by contacting him.

Friday, November 29, 2019

Interactive classroom Activities: Menachem Moscovitz

Interactive teaching is all about engaging the students to make them actively involved in their learning process. It s highly important for a student to be interested in what their teacher is trying to teach.

Menachem Moscovitz

But you can not completely blame the student if they are not paying attention because sometimes they need to be interacted with. A comfortable environment is what a student demands where they feel accepted and hence can learn more every day. And comfortable space can only be created with interaction.

Let’s see what are the different activities a teacher can participate in to make a classroom interactive!

1. Pair and Share

Assign a problem or a question related to a certain subject topic, and divide your students into pairs. Give each pair of students a particular time duration to complete the task and ask them to share their final result in their voice. This way your students will more communicating and will be highly interested in your class.
Menachem Moscovitz

2. Pictionary, charades, and celebrity heads

These classic games are super versatile. These games let students practice specific vocabulary and expressions, also offer an encouraging atmosphere. You need to create a stack of words, phrases, or historical figures that your class has recently studied and then divide the students into teams. This way you will be able yo practice what you taught and your students will remember the meson too. Win-win!

3. Twenty objects

In this, you need to put 20 different objects on a table and give students a few minutes to memorize them. Then, cover the objects with a cloth and ask the students to write down the names of as many objects as they can remember. You can choose objects related to your current topic of study or that are connected to your subject in any way.
Menachem Moscovitz

4. Dictionary

In this game, many students will be able to get a kick out of inventing definitions for uncommon words found at random in a dictionary. In this game, each group reads out three definitions for an obscure word and the rest of the class decides collectively and votes on which they think is correct. The fun part is high points will be scored for fooling your classmates with a made-up definition. And students will learn new words too!

5. Crossword puzzle

In this game, choose a list of words and their descriptions. The crossword game transforms these boring lessons into a fun experience. You can choose words, names of the historical figures and create a puzzle with hints. Divide the students into groups and see the results at the end of an interactive session.
Menachem Moscovitz

Menachem Moscovitz has a huge impact on the students. The position of executive director allows him to experiment with different learning and teaching skills. He has followed this path for the longest time he can remember. There is no better expert than him to learn from.

Monday, March 11, 2019

Menachem Moscovitz: Basic Strategies to impart Enhanced Learning

To get the best benefits from curriculum and teachers’ guidance, students have the basic requirements or they entail a little. If we look into the learning culture, we can find how students are advised to pay attention to long-hour sitting. 
Menachem Moscovitz

Students’ perspectives, subsequently learning capabilities, may vary as per the teachers’ requirements and work culture. To make their learning more effective and knowledge extraction to the optimum level, teachers need to emulate the following given strategies.
  • Create a Relaxing Atmosphere
Before the start of the class, you can advise students to become relax. For example, you can ask students to get relaxed. For example, teaching professionals can advise students to take a one-minute break before the start of the class for calming their minds. For example, you can advise students to perform meditation of sixty seconds before starting the learning. 

Menachem Moscovitz
As per the research fact or data, a soothed mind shows the circulation of oxygen and reducing the level of anxiety or stress. The inhaling and exhaling exercise also helps in relaxing the stress to the optimum level.
  • Cognitive Movements for Enhanced Learning
Some students find difficulty in paying concentration and understanding the terms dictated by teaching professionals. So, they sit like idols during the whole class.

Experts implementing cognitive strategies are getting the best results for such students. Thus, in this way, teaching professionals can boost the morale of students with effective learning procedures.The stimulation of neurons and blood flow can be achieved with memory improvement.
  • Interim Breaks
Long study sessions can lower the concentration level to gain or adopt more. Interim breaks help in gaining to learn more with perseverance. For example, a break of ten minutes after the half-hour of the lesson can help in alleviating the levels of anxiety and depression. 
Menachem Moscovitz

Even, teachers can include or organize sports activities during the five-minute break or interim breaks for the entertainment of students.
  • Analytical Way of Learning
Generally, teaching professionals approach the theoretical tactics to impart learning. In order to get optimum results, teachers can also opt for practical methods. Emulating practical strategies will help in getting the best results.

What other Strategies should you opt at Beginner’s, Intermediate and Advanced Level?

It is very difficult to implement the strategies at the beginner, intermediate and advanced level. Menachem Moscovitz, an experienced teaching professional, can help you in implementing these strategies for every type of classroom. Mr. Moscovitz has been teaching and assisting students to gain the best outputs.

Wednesday, February 27, 2019

Menachem Moscovitz: Five Requisite Education Trends Must for 2019

Trends change has become an inevitable part, in every domain, with automation. Automation is playing a crucial role in the education industry as it is the consequence of an agile movement for achieving perfection. The advanced learning process not only citing better results but also saves time. But, what will you do to get the best results and implementation? 
Menachem Moscovitz

Automation processes like artificial intelligence, big data, and innovative technologies have influenced the education industry; further, progressing their reliability totally on them. The redundancy of the past education trends is because of the advent of the five education trends for 2019. Look below to know the in-depth detail.
  • Focus on Crowdsourced Classes
Peeps studying in the classroom will decide the matter selection. This is a prominent part of the crowdsourced classes as it will help in the exploration of the contemporary domains related to the education industry. 
Menachem Moscovitz

Approaching the learning process this way helps in acquiring insight; subsequently, helping to find out the content, and other essentials from scratch. Another prominent part of this learning is flexibility.
  • Intentness
For the in-depth analysis, students will approach the matter in the latest education trends. Now, the pupils’ user intent is much varying than the previous time. Nowadays, students are optimizing their learning through practical experiences.

For example, exploring or visiting places like museums, labs, and such areas assist in-depth immersion for a lucid clarification. Afterward,discussions can be made for the clarification; therefore, a concept, of the outside classroom program learning, is impacting the new learning culture. 
Menachem Moscovitz

It has been assumed that, with time, the learning culture will be solely based on artificial intelligence and humans; therefore, education also needs to be updated with the very trend.
  • Hybrid Learning
Learning on the same curriculum for the designated long period has become an outdated concept. Want to know the valid reason? No doubt, today’s learning pattern is updated and output-driven. It will be a mess for students to learn the same concept for years with less output. 
Menachem Moscovitz

To make it more impactful, in terms of output and learning, hybrid learning concepts have been in wide use. Following the discrete pattern, through the help of the modular learning concept, is a boon to the society. The involvement of the parallel learning concepts is beneficial in diverse ways; citing in advancing the diversity for better learning and future consequences.


To evolve concepts into reality, assistance is essential. Know more trends and their application in the modern educational society through the help of Menachem Moscovitz, an education counselor and expert teaching professional with years of expertise.