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Friday, October 27, 2017

Rabbi Menachem Moscovitz as Executive Director of Mesivta of Las vegas

The executive director of Mesivta of Las Vegas, Menachem Moscovitz previously worked with groups such as the Community Kollel of Greater Las Vegas/Jewish Learning Network and the Long Island Torah Network. Rabbi Menachem Moscovitz attends professional events such as the Principal's Conference held every year by Torah Umesorah. He also consults with leading experts in the fields of fundraising and non profit management in order to maximize his efficiency in those areas.

Spearheading the development team at Mesivta of Las Vegas has been very rewarding for Rabbi Moscovitz, as it has allowed him to form and maintain close bonds with many in the local community, as well as many outside the immediate local area. He enjoys sharing his passion for the school with others and getting them excited about the school's accomplishments. Also, while the job of obtaining sufficient funding for Mesivta is challenging, Rabbi Moscovitz views it as an exciting challenge and embraces the opportunity.