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Friday, November 29, 2019

Interactive classroom Activities: Menachem Moscovitz

Interactive teaching is all about engaging the students to make them actively involved in their learning process. It s highly important for a student to be interested in what their teacher is trying to teach.

Menachem Moscovitz

But you can not completely blame the student if they are not paying attention because sometimes they need to be interacted with. A comfortable environment is what a student demands where they feel accepted and hence can learn more every day. And comfortable space can only be created with interaction.

Let’s see what are the different activities a teacher can participate in to make a classroom interactive!

1. Pair and Share

Assign a problem or a question related to a certain subject topic, and divide your students into pairs. Give each pair of students a particular time duration to complete the task and ask them to share their final result in their voice. This way your students will more communicating and will be highly interested in your class.
Menachem Moscovitz

2. Pictionary, charades, and celebrity heads

These classic games are super versatile. These games let students practice specific vocabulary and expressions, also offer an encouraging atmosphere. You need to create a stack of words, phrases, or historical figures that your class has recently studied and then divide the students into teams. This way you will be able yo practice what you taught and your students will remember the meson too. Win-win!

3. Twenty objects

In this, you need to put 20 different objects on a table and give students a few minutes to memorize them. Then, cover the objects with a cloth and ask the students to write down the names of as many objects as they can remember. You can choose objects related to your current topic of study or that are connected to your subject in any way.
Menachem Moscovitz

4. Dictionary

In this game, many students will be able to get a kick out of inventing definitions for uncommon words found at random in a dictionary. In this game, each group reads out three definitions for an obscure word and the rest of the class decides collectively and votes on which they think is correct. The fun part is high points will be scored for fooling your classmates with a made-up definition. And students will learn new words too!

5. Crossword puzzle

In this game, choose a list of words and their descriptions. The crossword game transforms these boring lessons into a fun experience. You can choose words, names of the historical figures and create a puzzle with hints. Divide the students into groups and see the results at the end of an interactive session.
Menachem Moscovitz

Menachem Moscovitz has a huge impact on the students. The position of executive director allows him to experiment with different learning and teaching skills. He has followed this path for the longest time he can remember. There is no better expert than him to learn from.