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Tuesday, March 17, 2020

The Key to Quality Classrooms by Menachem Moscovitz

Teachers are the builders of a nation in a true sense believe Menachem Moscovitz. They try their best every day to educate students and make real-time countless decisions and ignite countless interactions between them and students. 
Menachem Moscovitz

Several teachers talk and discuss the way they interact with students and try to figure out more ways to do it. The classroom assessment scoring system is one way for educators to look teaching system through one single lens says Menachem Moscovitz.
  • How is CLASS organized?
The CLASS describes ten wide dimensions of teaching that are directly linked to student achievement and social development. Each of these ten dimensions is divided into three broad categories: emotional support, classroom organization, and instructional support. 
Menachem Moscovitz

Menachem Moscovitz says that every teacher must be well recognized with all these categories for good results. Let us dive into the above categories:

1. Emotional Support: It refers to the ways a teacher can help children develop warm and supportive relationships. It also focuses on experience enjoyment and excitement about learning, and experience appropriate levels of autonomy or independence. This includes the following; 
Menachem Moscovitz
  • Positive environment: The enjoyment and emotional connection a teacher have with his/her students and as well as the peer interactions. 
  • Negative climate: The level of negative attitude show by the teachers. 
  • Teacher sensitivity: A teacher's response to a student's academic achievements and failures. Menachem Moscovitz says that the initial reaction of a teacher and parents as well matters a lot.  
  • Regard for student perspectives: This refers to the degree of emphasis given on a student's needs and interests during an interaction.
2. Classroom Organization: Menachem Moscovitz emphasis on this structured method more. This category refers to the ways a teacher can help children develop skills to regulate their own behavior. Further to get the most out of each school day, and maintain valid interest in learning activities. This includes the following;
Menachem Moscovitz
  • Behavior management: How well teachers monitor and address bad behavior.
  • Productivity: How well students understand routine and is well informed about a teacher’s teaching method.
3. Instructional Support: This section refers to the way a teacher effectively supports a student's cognitive development and language growth. This includes the following;
Menachem Moscovitz
  • Concept development: How teachers use activities to promote a student’s thinking skills and cognition in advance.
  • Quality of feedback: How teachers learn and expand participation through students' feedback.
  • Language modeling: The level or standard to which teachers stimulate, facilitate, and encourage students’ language use.