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Wednesday, February 12, 2020

3 Risk Factors for Becoming a Bully

How a child becomes a bully? Where do parents go wrong or is it the fault of a non-structured society? What causes the emergence of a violent and heartless bully from an innocent kid?
Menachem Moscovitz is always curious to know what instigates a bully? What makes a bully? And most salient of all how can we stop a child from becoming a bully? 
Menachem Moscovitz
Well, there is no single type of bully lets start with this, neither there is a major cause of bullying. Some hot factors create a bully and as educators, we need to find and establish those factors to stop it.

Here are some of the factors lets discuss one by one:
  • Family Risk Factors
Menachem Moscovitz believes that a family plays the main role in influencing a child's behavior. Here are a few family factors that contribute to making a bully.
  • Witnessing or Experiencing Bullying
Children learn from their parents this statement is true in every sense. Children from abusive homes turn out to be bullies, because aggression, abuse, violence are modeled for them in a very pity manner!
Menachem Moscovitz

If you notice someone bullying other kids, do not get to the result or issue the kid a harsh punishment which might make things worse. Dig a little deeper to find out what is going around in kid’s home.
  • Having Permissive Parents
A lot of the times when parents do not establish rules for their children or fail to provide adequate supervision, their children often resort to bullying. What’s worse than permissive parents do not try to stop the bullying when finding it.

If you find a student with less or no parental supervision at all, be on alert. The lack of a good relationship between parents and children is one of the first signs in the making of a bully. Menachem Moscovitz shares that it's okay to punish your kids once in a while when they do something wrong. 
Menachem Moscovitz
  • Seeing or Experiencing Bullying Among Siblings
When an older brother or a sister bully a younger sibling it creates a sense of powerlessness. And, to regain that feeling of power these kids often bully others thinking its okay to do so because their parents let their older brother or sister do this to them.

What can parents do to stop bullying at home/ between siblings?
  • Hold the Bully Responsible
  • Diffuse Jealousy Among Siblings
  • Instill Empathy
  • Empower Them With Problem-Solving Skills
  • Prevent Future Bullying Incidents
  • Put an End to Aggressive Behavior
Menachem Moscovitz
This is it, for now, we would discuss other factors that create bully in a further blog.