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Tuesday, January 29, 2019

Menachem Moscovitz: Blending Innovative Ideas for Interactive Classroom Learning

Apart from academics, teaching professionals definitely need to strive for students’ all-round development. Incorporating innovating ideas and molding with teaching skills have become a trend for holistic knowledge gain.

Brilliant Ideas to Make Classroom Environment More Interactive and Engaging

For years, classrooms have been playing a major role in nurturing students from all domains. A relationship between teachers and students has become the pillar for productive development stages. 
Menachem Moscovitz

Have a look below to gain into a better insight of all requisites for engaging and interactive classroom learning.
  • Implement Audio-Visual Method
Blending the technology into education platforms always brings out the best results. Audio-visual effects not only explain multiple subjects in detail but also generate interest among learners. For example, complex graphs through visuals are easy to understand and make the concept easy. For example, probability graphs, complex equation graphs.

Even, the concept of technical subjects like physics, chemistry, and other similar subjects can be easily clarified with the help of audio and visual elements.
  • Strategies for the Better Interaction of Students
Incorporating the latest teaching and evaluation methods can bring fruitful results. From a lower level to a professional teaching level, institutes are emulating flip classroom concepts into their learning. There are many benefits of using the flip classroom or methodology. 
Menachem Moscovitz

Teaching professional adopting the flip classroom technology can easily elevate the interaction of students to an optimum level. With the interactive presence of participants, students can develop their skills and learning.

How does the flip classroom model work?

Learning through the help of the flip classroom is very interactive. Teaching professionals assist students by providing materials on the internet or through different online modes. Generally, a cloud platform is selected for imparting knowledge.

After accepting the content on the cloud platform, students interactively participate in group discussions, debates, and presentations. 
Menachem Moscovitz

Teaching professionals using new methods evaluate students’ work in different ways; this method helps students to work with interest and perform their work passionately.

Great teachers also focus on providing real-life experiences beyond the classroom. Real-life examples and concepts provide better clarity of concepts, accelerate in developing analytical skills.


Finding a competent teaching professional and implementing innovative strategies into real practice, can be little a difficult. If you are looking for such teaching professionals, one can take the assistance of Menachem Moscovitz. For providing better guidance to students, Mr. Menachem has been incorporating peer teaching, games, collaboration, and other essentials of the innovative and effective teaching strategies.